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For more than 40 years, MCT has produced a spring show, plus countless other shows throughout the years. The cast includes a wide variety of talented people from different areas throughout central Ohio, all performing for the enjoyment of the arts and fellowship.

The shows are a group effort. Members practice and memorize music, dialogue, and dance routines. Our members also paint scenery, design and build sets and signs, hang lights, play instruments, design artwork and web pages, and work on publicity.

We're always looking for new members and new talent to add to our ever-growing group. 

Patrons of MCT
Mike & Karen Bergum
Michael & Misty Connor
Zack Devoll
Carol Kitzmiller
Brenton & Johanna LeuVoy
Beth Smith
Diane Spears
Garry Stephenson

Angels of MCT
Mary & Jeff Dupler
Jim & Julie Whetstone
David Hogrefe & Brian Kemp Cynthia & James Condrey
Donald & Susan Hite

Friends of MCT
Roxanne & Bruce Crocco
James & Rebecca Winegarder Joanie Bauman

A special thank you to our 2022 Supporters!

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