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For more than 40 years, MCT has produced all kinds of theatrical productions. Previously known well for our variety-style Spring Shows, MCT also put on many full-length musical productions during the Summer. In recent years, we have moved to producing complete seasons of shows that include a Spring, Summer, and Fall Production, as well as a Winter music event that's come to be known as our "Christmas Classic". The casts always include a wide variety of talented people from different areas throughout central Ohio, all performing for the enjoyment of the arts and fellowship within our community.​ The shows are a group effort and many hands are always involved. Members practice and memorize music, dialogue, and dance routines, bring their technical talents forward throught lighting and sound design, and many artistic and craftsmanship talents are showcased through innovative design of sets, props, costumes, and digital/print media. ​ We're always looking for new members and new talent to add to our ever-growing group. 

Membership enrollment AND Advertisement sales are currently open for 2024!

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